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I was born and raised in a small farming community in Iowa. I am a class of ’84 graduate of Northeast Missouri State University, now named Truman University, with a BS in Business Administration. I moved to Louisiana, married my husband in 1984, and worked in restaurant management. In 1988, I accepted a job transfer to the Kansas City area, and a year later, my husband and I, along with our two children, purchased our first home just outside of Kearney, MO.

In 1993, I started a new chapter in my life when I enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduating with honors three years later. Upon my graduation from chiropractic school, my family and I moved back to Louisiana, where I opened A Touch of Health Chiropractic, providing quality care to my patients in Lafayette, Louisiana, from 1996-2008.

In 2008, my husband’s career in the airline industry brought us back to the Kansas City area. It was a difficult decision to close my practice in Louisiana and leave many good friends behind. While it was hard to leave our friends in the south, we were also filled with excitement over our return to the Kansas City area, closer to family and many old friends. We had always loved living in Kearney, and so we were happy to find a home, again, just outside of town. Since then, my husband and I have gotten involved in the community and are proud to call Kearney home.

Since 1984, first as a patient, and then as a chiropractor, I have experienced the benefits of chiropractic health in my own life and that of my family’s lives. Your nervous system takes care of every process in your body. If kept free of interference through spinal adjustments by a doctor of chiropractic, your nervous system will give you a strong, healthy immune system. I believe that chiropractic, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to your good health.

My goal is to not only to help your painful areas but to make you a healthier person and put you on the path to optimal health.

Dr. Julie Holtz, Chiropractor at A Touch of Health Chiropractic in Kearney, MO

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