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Supplements & More

When you visit A Touch of Health Chiropractic, Dr. Julie may recommend a galvanic skin response (GSR) test. She will conduct the test right in our Kearney, MO, office, and the results will indicate what supplements you may need.

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GSR & Supplements

The GSR test quickly and easily identifies deficiencies in your chemical makeup and makes recommendations for supplements to balance your body.

Our supplements may be whole food nutrient solutions from Standard Process, herbal products from MediHerb®, or energetic health solutions from DesBio.

All of our supplements are natural and stimulate the body to rebalance and heal itself.

Here’s What Our Patients Say…

“Julie goes out of her way to work you into her schedule. She finds a way to work you in quickly when you’re pain and needing relief. She has always provided immediate positive results for everyone I’ve referred to her.”
Brad H.

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